About Us

Bornhorst + Ward was formed in 1965 by Barney Bornhorst and Brian Ward as a consulting civil and structural engineering practice.

They built a strong foundation of Engineering expertise, commitment to clients, industry innovation and collaboration with industry experts and with continued leadership fostering excellence it has strengthened the business as a market leader.

At Bornhorst + Ward, we are acutely aware that engineering excellence alone does not necessarily ensure the best outcomes. We believe this skill is achieved through focusing on real relationships – Our clients and our staff; this team collaboration creates the best opportunity to get it right first time!

We strive to improve not only the end result but the clients experience throughout the process.

Relationships are at the heart of our business, we invest in our team, ensuring that they are up to date with best practices as well as emerging technologies that can add value to a project. The result being relationships, understanding and trust that are carried through to the project and client experience.

Through our focus on engineering excellence and proactive consulting it has ensured our business and the service we provide remains agile, creative and adaptive to market needs.

Our innovative approach and high skill level which includes embracing technology enable us to provide outcomes which are not only cost effective, ‘buildable’ solutions but outcomes we are proud of and create more liveable communities which is true sustainability